Sustainable Sips

Nourishing Roots, Nurturing Cups with Tea India

Welcome to Tea India's commitment to sustainability, where every sip of tea embodies our dedication to doing good, from root to cup.
From the luscious tea estates we partner with to the comforting brew in your cup, we're obsessed with ensuring that every step of our journey leaves a positive impact on both people and planet.
Rooted in our values, we've carefully curated partnerships with the best tea estates, selecting those that share our passion for environmental stewardship and social responsibility. By prioritising these partnerships, we not only guarantee the highest quality tea but also support communities and ecosystems that thrive alongside the estates.4 young teenage girls of smiling and laughing whilst holding books
But our commitment doesn't stop there. We've taken concrete steps to minimise our environmental footprint and promote sustainable practices throughout our supply chain. Here's how:
No Plastic, No Garbage
When you enjoy a cup of Tea India, you can sip with peace of mind knowing that our packaging is plastic-free and recyclable, and what’s even better? Our tea bags are plastic-free - and biodegradable. We've banished plastic from our products, opting for materials that keep unnecessary waste out of landfills and our oceans.
Certified Excellence
Our dedication to sustainability is further supported by our Rainforest Alliance certification. This esteemed recognition ensures that every sip of Tea India not only supports ethical and sustainable farming practices but also contributes to the preservation of precious rainforest ecosystems.
Nourishing Every Cup
Beyond sustainability certifications, we're committed to ensuring that the tea in your cup is not only delicious but also nourishing. By prioritising quality and freshness, we guarantee that each sip is a source of comfort and well-being, both for you and the planet.
Join us on our journey to sip with purpose, to embrace sustainability without sacrificing taste or tradition. Together, let's raise our cups to a brighter, greener future, one sip at a time.