Jimmy our tea blender who is an older south asian man holding a glass mug of Chai with Tina who is a young early 30 year old female of south asian heritage leaning on herleft hand with a big smile.

A journey through tradition and flavour with Jimmy Jal Medhora

Embark on a sensory journey through the aromatic world of masala chai with our master tea blender Jimmy. Discover the origins, flavours, and cherished memories behind this beloved Indian beverage, as we delve into tradition, flavour, and the art of brewing. Join us for a cup of warmth and nostalgia in every sip.

Masala chai, a quintessential part of my culture, it embodies tradition, warmth, and flavour. So, let's delve into the rich heritage of masala chai, exploring its origins and significance in the fabric of Indian society.
Chai, another word for tea in India, has been enjoyed for centuries, but the story took an interesting turn in the 20th century. Influenced by British colonialism, tea became immensely popular, with the British making it compulsory to drink tea (chai) at regular intervals in offices, workshops, and other establishments.
I come from Kolkata and have some fond memories of my childhood days being introduced to Chai, something very regular and that we grew up with. The blend of strong Assam tea from the Northeastern part of India with spices including ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, black pepper, and anise created the unique flavour profile of masala chai that we know and love.
Masala chai isn't just a beverage; it's a tradition deeply rooted in my culture. Memories of childhood days spent sipping chai evoke nostalgia and warmth for me. Whether it was enjoying a cup from street vendors in Kolkata in the evening or my aunty settling down for chai after yoga class, masala chai was a constant companion, a beautiful memory of comfort and home.
In India we drink it as a loose blend, we then boiled it and added a lot of milk in it. However, at Tea India we want to make it more convenient hence why we have managed to distil into a tea bag. We've crafted a masala chai blend that captures the essence of tradition bursting with flavour. The first sip tantalises with the robust taste of Assam tea, followed by the sharp kick of ginger and cinnamon. The combination of spices isn't just about taste; it's about health and wellness, with each spice playing a role in immunity and digestion.
As the milk is added, the golden hue of masala chai shines through, enhancing its visual appeal and indulgent taste. With every sip, I hope you can celebrate the timeless tradition and connection that masala chai brings, inviting you to join me in raising a toast to my beloved masala chai.
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